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 Waldo's Redesigned and Reopened Deck Shop

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Waldo's Redesigned and Reopened Deck Shop Empty
PostSubject: Waldo's Redesigned and Reopened Deck Shop   Waldo's Redesigned and Reopened Deck Shop EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 12:16 pm

Welcome one! Welcome all to Waldos revamped TGRA deck shop!  

Now with 60% more decks then the last one!

Let's get right into it shall we!

Decks listed below will be worth 20 Cash! (Notice: These decks are not very competitive and are mostly decks I made for fun!)
Era's XYZ Deck: This deck Era had made on a old Youtube video, I took it revamped it (slightly) and ta-da!
Archfiend Deck: This deck features the newer archfiend monsters as well with some Dark World support.
100% Illegal Deck: EVERY card in this deck is banned.
HeroicXHeraldic Deck: This deck I made out of a spite of bordem, it combines both the Heroic monsters and the original 2 Heraldric monsters.
Blackwing Exodia Deck: This deck combines the explosive power of Blackwings with the draw power of Exodia.
Burn Deck: Everything to do with burning your opponent here!
DoGaGoZu: Combination of Dododo Gagaga Gogogo and Zubaba monsters.
Earthbound Immortals Deck: Summon out the monsters of legend here!
Fire Complication Deck: Some of the best fire monsters ever invented have found there way to this deck!
Gladiator Beast Deck: This deck is the deck of Tag-Teaming!
Empty Jar Deck: This deck is made to make your opponent draw and mill off all of their deck so that way you win.
Koa'ki Meriu Deck: This deck is a deck i originally had irl it can run with the right hand.
Warrior Equip Deck: All warriors and equip spells, no traps what so ever.
Scrap Deck: This deck is a typical Scrap deck.
Prophecy Deck: This deck is not the typical meta beatdown, this deck has a more fun aspect using only the Return of the Duelist Prophecy deck.
Attack of the Weaklings Deck: This deck utilizes defense over attack, no monster in the main dec has more then 1000 attack.
Illegal Exodia: Not a very legal exodia build......
Vylon Deck: Equip Away!
Darklord Deck: Evil Faires of the World Unite!
Character Decks: I have decks for Yugi Moto, Seto Kiba, Joey Wheeler, and Bandit Keith.

The Decks valued below this are worth 30 dollars Cash!
Different Blackwing Decks: I have made several Blackwing Decks over my time, there is a pure 50 card Blackwing deck, a Synchro based Blackwing deck, and then a more XYZ based deck. Take your pick!
Dragon Variants: Decks in here are a pure dragon deck, a Blue-eyes deck (featuring Blue-eyed Maiden), and a Red-eyes deck. Take your pick.
Rabbit Variants: Dino Rabbit, Warrior Rabbit, Dragon Rabbit buy one or all of them!
Bubble Beat: The use of fast pace summoning to make Fusions like their nothing.
Final Countdown: This deck is stall to the max, if you haven't won the duel in 20 turns then you must not have drawn Countdown the first turn.
Gallis OTK/FTK: Pulls off the Gallis deck or wins by winning in other ways.
Infernities: Not the new xyz spam deck, more synchro based.
Constellar: Use the powers of the stars to win your duels.

The Decks valued below this are worth 40 Cash!
Black Garden Beastcraft Decks: The two decks in here are two different versions, the first one is a TCG legal deck and the other is a OCG/TCG deck, both are fun and competitive.
Bujin Deck: OCG Light monsters based around Yamato and Susano'o, balanced deck.
Dark Worlds: Draw power, meets mass spawning, meets mass discarding, it all works out in the end!
Gadget: Offering in hand = gg anything else in hand means still gg eventually!
Fire Fists: Balanced Deck using Chicken and Coyote to summon Cardinal and Kirin.
Verz-Dino Rabbit: Combines both Heliotrope rabbit and Dino Rabbit for more deck locking fun.
Wind-Up: Toys at the best
Six Sam: More Loop based for hand destruction. If not liked feel free to edit it.

The Decks valued below this are worth 50 Cash!
Dragunities: Fast paced, very possible to OTK, can easily beat Verz.
Dragon Ruler: Typical over powered dragons.
Mermail: Fast paced Tidal mermail deck.
Verz: Stops most decks in there tracks but can have some issues around decks that open broken.

*Some decks come with a Side Deck! If yours does not and you want me to make you one ask for one for 5 extra cash!*

Deck Garage:
-Don't see a deck you want? Ask me to make you a deck and specify the following:
-What deck? 25 Cash
-Side Deck wanted? 5 Cash
-Any specific thing you want: 0 Cash
-How long you want it to take: 1-2 Days 10 Cash 3-4 Days 5 Cash 5+ Days 0 Cash.

Decks to come: World of Prophecy, Fabled, Nordic, and more!

*No Refunds!*
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Waldo's Redesigned and Reopened Deck Shop
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