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 Entrance Exam Rules & Rubric

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Entrance Exam Rules & Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Entrance Exam Rules & Rubric   Entrance Exam Rules & Rubric EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 3:06 am

Welcome new Recruit...

Upon arrival here at TGRA you will be asked to take a entrance exam to allow us to place you in a dorm based on your skill level, you can place anywhere between our 5 dorms (Blaster Bladers, Hyper Librians, Recipro Dragonflies, Wonder Magicians, or Gladiators). 

Who Can Give the Test?

Don't be fooled only three type of people can give the test, Admins, Teachers and Testers.


• The Exam will be one match (Best 2/3)
• The test is TCG only and follows the current March 2013 Forbidden/Limited List
• If you only have time to do game 1 or game 2 please say so to the tester so that way he can let another tester know not to test you. Only 1 tester per testee

Deck Limitations

The following decks are banned from this test:
 • Dragon Rulers
        -Individual Dragons are allowed in sepereate decks but no more then 2 dragons per deck.
 • Prophecy
 • Evilswarm
 • Tidal Mermail, Undine Mermail, and Mono Mermail
        -Dragon Ruler, Prophecy, and Mermail are banned because, they are overly powerful and if the tester is not playing one of these decks the game with be unbalanced. Evilswarm is banned because most of the testers decks will be specialing level 5 or higher monsters and sitting on ophion would make it so that the tester had to play perfectly to do well which is what we want the testees to do.
 • Stun
 • Stall
 • Burn/Chain Burn
 • Exodia
 • Final Countdown

The Rubric

0-2: 0 Points
1-2: 10 Points
2-1: 20 Points
2-0: 30 Points

Deck Build: ?/30
-What goes into the grading of this is, speed, durability, counter ability, and recovery

Game Play: ?/50
-What goes into the grading for this is how you played with the deck and if you made the wrong plays late in game or not.

Ruling/Mechanic Questions: ?/20 (5 Pts Each)(4 Questions)
-The Testee will ask you four questions from a list of pre-made questions. Some will be multiple choice others will be open answer. You may use google and any NON-human resource.

Misc Point Gainers:
-Attitude ?/5 
-Side Deck ?/5 
0 points if a side deck is not used or if you don't have a side deck
5 If they sided in. (Image of side deck needed*)

Final Score Possible 140/140

Dorm Placement:
Gladiator 0-40
Wonder Magician 41-75
Recipro Dragonfly 76-100
Librarians 101-127
Blaster Blades 128-140

Wait! What if I fail my entrance exam!?!

It's okay if you don't like how you did on your exam just wait a week and ask to take a re-test. If you do good enough to place in the next dorm, then you can move up. If you do worse, then you stay in the dorm. (Fee will be sorted out)
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Entrance Exam Rules & Rubric
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