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 TGRA's Starter Guide

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GRA's Starter Guide

Welcome to TGRA...

Introducing yourself is a great way to start off with a post and a great way for other members to give you a warm welcome to our community!

Do you want to get Cash but don't know how? Well you can make your own deck shop! You can make a deck shop and sell your own deck recipes or make a deck for Cash.

GFX shops are a bit different. You set up a price, examples of your work, and a format for recipients to reply with~

Wager, Challenge, & Special Duels
Wager duels is when you gamble points against other members. Challenge duels is when you challenge a member and win a certain amount of points. Special duels is pretty much a Challenge duel; however, you can make your own rules.

Tag Duels
 Coming Soon

Daily Challenges
Every week or so challenges will be posted. There will be prices in order meaning first come first serve basis. Challenges may vary from OTK/FTKs, make a deck, make a card etc.

Role-playing Games
Coming Soon

If you have any suggestions or feedback on our site don't hesitate to Pm an Admin or post it in the "Suggestion" section of this forum. All comments and opinions are appreciated.

Announcements will be made on GRA's progress and such. If you can't ask anyone what's going on then check the "Rules & Announcements" section of this forum. There you will find all latest updates and such.

Dorms & Points

Once you join, you will get tested by a Tester, Teacher, Admin. Once that is over, you will be placed into a dorm.

When you join, everyone will start off with 0 Cash. As you post, you will obtain more. you can also gain more by making Deck Shops, GFX Shops, winning Tournaments etc. etc.

TGRA Events!

TGRA will host it's own YCS (biggest tourney in the Academy) once a year and Local Tournaments every week or so. We will also do mini fun events throughout the future! So stay tuned and hopefully you can win!

TGRA Newsletter

Every week or so, an Admin will post a Newsletter about the Forum's current progress, wars, etc. etc. We will also mention a few other things that occur in the forum.

Rules & Regulations
Rules are very important in every forum. So I urge you to read them carefully. They will be updated in the mere future so read them time-to-time. People neglect the fact that we have rules. Rules keep forums in check and organizes it. So READ them carefully!

Meet Your Staff

Administrators~ They have a white username with an "@" in it. Administrators keep the forum in check. They balance everything out and enforce rules etc. etc.

Moderator~ They have a purple username. They help the Administrators keep the forum in check. They also enforce rules through Posting and in the chat
-Chat Moderators~ They moderator the chat for harassment or anything against the rules. They can be anyone. They have an "@" in there names.

Testers~ They have a pink username. They test members when they have the qualifications for a test. They also help members with rulings and decks.

Teachers~ They have a light-ish dark blue username. They test members when they have the qualifications for a test. They also post lessons and help members with rulings and decks.

Current Staff & Their Specific Jobs

Judgment Dragon: Head Admin, Forum Head Mod, Forum Construction, Monthly Tourney Organizer, Recruitment Head, Point System Creator/Head, Co-Head Tester, Wonder Magician, Co-Head Mod, Forum Moderator.

WaldosShadow: Head Teacher, Hyper Librarian, Co-Head Mod, Co-Head Tester, Forum Moderator, Co-Head Forum Constructor.

Squall: Teacher, Recipro Butterfly, Co-Head Mod, Tester, Forum Moderator, Co-Head Forum Designer.

Molly/Jinxx: Part-Time Teacher, Blade Blaster, Co-Head Mod, Part-Time Tester, Weekly Tourney Organizer,  Co-Head Judge, War Team Captain, Forum Moderator.

Bingo~  Head Designer, Tester, Gladiator, Co-Head Mod, GFX Coordinator, Forum Moderator,

"Do the thing we fear, and death of fear is certain."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

TGRA's Starter Guide FNLTpzI
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TGRA's Starter Guide
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