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 Official TGRA Event Handbook

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Official TGRA Event Handbook Empty
PostSubject: Official TGRA Event Handbook   Official TGRA Event Handbook EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 4:28 pm

Major Events & Special Tourneys

TGRA also focuses on many unique and beneficial events! We as a community try to make this place entertaining and as much fun as possible. Each TGRA event will vary from extra cash to discounts to holiday tournaments.

Official TGRA Event Handbook 6AwIIYU
The 2x event is an event where all rewards(Except Challenge, Wager, Special Duels) will be doubled. Furthermore, all the cash you make for each post will be doubled.

How Often Does This Happen?: Commonly
Duration: 7-14 Days

Official TGRA Event Handbook Sci9xk8
The Half event is an event where all prices, from The Pawn Shop, will be halved.

How Often Does This Happen?: Rarely
Duration: 3 Days

Official TGRA Event Handbook XJto99g
The Lottery event is an event where we will allow members to have lotteries for high prizes!

How Often Does This Happen?: Commonly
Duration: 30 Days

Official TGRA Event Handbook S7ZBYpY
The Cash event is a way for members to win even more Cash during local tournaments, challenge, & special duels and so on.
• You will get 10 points for each win.
• If you do not report the win(s) to the event thread, then you will not win anything.

How Often Does This Happen?: Commonly
Duration: 30 Days


Official TGRA Event Handbook H0YO6Qf
Holiday Tournaments, obviously, are tournaments held on Holidays.

• Min. 8
• Rewards will be 150 Cash.
• Sign-ups will begin 7 days before the actual holiday.
• You will have the 3 days to finish the tourney.
• Tourney will begin on the Holiday.

We hope you enjoy TGRA and remember, have fun!
TGRA Staff

~Please note, we might add more events and tournaments in the future~

"Do the thing we fear, and death of fear is certain."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Official TGRA Event Handbook FNLTpzI
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Official TGRA Event Handbook
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