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 Fuck Everything About Chicago (Molly's National Report)

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Fuck Everything About Chicago (Molly's National Report) Empty
PostSubject: Fuck Everything About Chicago (Molly's National Report)   Fuck Everything About Chicago (Molly's National Report) EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 3:25 pm

So we leave thursday night we get to pittsburgh to pick up the other 2 people we were taking to chicago with us and one of the kids we were bringing i hate more than anything in the world. we get to pittsburgh around 1230 am try getting on the road get lost for like an hour go back to pittsburgh get the asians GPS and finally get on the road to chicago at 3am :/ the drives smooth after that we start chilling we get to Chicago around 11 am and the car starts stalling and breaking down we make it to the parking garage find out its 40 fucking dollars walk to the pier and find out parking on the pier is 20 dollars get really salty.

Day 0
Find a shit ton of my friends talk to them all start trading see the line for lcqs see like 2000 people in line say fuck that (i would have done it if chicago wasnt so expensive) one of the dudes in our car decides he wants to pick up prophecy so he trades his entire dragon deck and drops like 250 in cash in like an hour to get it i trade more wait until my teamates from florida get to the convention center sit down and play a bunch of people see my teammates and we leave when we get back to the hotel i take a shower immedietly go down to the lobby find out that they ordered 2 large deep dish pizzas and we split it 7 ways and it was 10 dollars each 70 dollars for 2 pizzas salt playtest for like 4 hours and the dude in my hotel room (the one that had just picked Prophecy up) asks me for dragons for the event and im like sure dont get anything stolen we go to sleep let all of the people that drove sleep in the king size bed i slept in front of the a/c on the floor

Day 1
We wake up and i see a blanket around me and find out i stole the blanket from the 4 dudes in the bed while i was sleeping we get up shower go to the lobby for free breakfast make the annoying dude in our room and the asian shuttle to the event and we drive we stop at walmart get cigarettes and monster and stuff leave turn onto the road out of walmart and a cop stops us and we told him we were going to a yugioh event he lolz gives us a warning and we leave. get to the convention center my brother and i walk around trading for a bit i catch up with my friends from virginia and start playtesting with one of them and his girlfriend until side events start then go explore the pier and smoke like the rest of the day find out one of our dudes day 2d found out a dude from my local in Pennsylvania beat Paul Clarke round 8 and find out our buddy richmonds wallet got stolen look around find out the person that stole it maxed his card out at build a bear workshop he cancels all of the charges except for our hotel and head back to the hotel with the really annoying kid that came with us riding on the floor near truits balls it looked mad funny he wants to get out when we get gas and walk over to the subway in the ghetto were like dont go retard he walks away finds out its a 2 mile walk through the ghetto to the hotel and we drive off joking about how hes going to die we stop at white castle eat try to go to walmart to get a case of beer find out the walmarts closed go back to the hotel i show everyone the zombie deck coming out and we pass out.

Day 2
When we wake up we find out truit lost first round of day 2 on the bubble and find out he wasted 40 dollars on a taxi to go and lose which really sucks we get to the venue catch up with everyone do some trades and i was going to trade dragons to truit for prophecy i show them the deck and find out theres a dracosack missing and my brother and i flip shit we find the annoying kid in our hotel room walk up and grab him and walk him up to the desk and get the cops called to come and search him he gets strip searched doesnt have it but he leaves the event with prophecy and picks up dt lswarm when he didnt trade out of prophecy didnt have a binder and only 4 dollars in his wallet sure he didnt take the card thats bullshit anyways we go find someone who will swap decks with only 2 draco and 2 big eye in it make a smiley face continue to paper clip trade and make money until everyone wants to leave i sit down play a few people walk up to the feature and find out that i knew like 9 people that top 64d and one of my buddies is currently playing in top 4 he wins his top 4 match and we end up having to leave we have the annoying kid and the asian shuttle to the hotel to meet us while my brother my teammates from florida and i chill at subway say our goodbyes troll eachother get to the hotel super huggles they leave we wait like an hour for our people to get back get in the car head back to pa the gps takes us through the super ghetto we get on the highway after about 45 minutes of straight darkies spend another 50 dollars in tolls get to a rest stop to get out and spar becuase the annoying kid is talking about how hell beat everyones ass and the asian is like lol sure lets go we get out and my brother and i are like are we sparring or no hes like no i call him a worthless pussy and we drive off the annoying kid starts running his mouth i start screaming and im like dude youre a fucking pussy shut your stupid mouth before i pull the car over and rape you on the side of the highway he tells me to fight his black marine brother even though this kids white and im just like fuck it blast the radio he falls asleep and shuts up we get to pittsburgh tell retard and asian to get out and tell asian we had fun and well def take him next year minus the retard because our buddies from florida banned him from staying with us we get to greensburg we get in the house i pass out for like 19 hours and thats the end of my trip

Seeing all of my buddies
DJ getting his first top and riding the momentum all of the way to 2nd congrats man you deserved it
seeing a poop ton of other good players get their tops that deserved it but Dixon Deserved it the most good shit dawg
the Pizza
the bitches
the pier
Shots with Josh Graham

that stupid black dude that wanted to play for cards and tried to troll after i called him a nigger and told him to fuck off
how expensive chicago is
didnt get to go to florida with everyone when i want to just move there
Car Breaking down
Car still not working at the time im writing this

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Fuck Everything About Chicago (Molly's National Report)
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