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 Spellbook Guide.

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PostSubject: Spellbook Guide.   Spellbook Guide. EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 12:57 am


So I've decided to write this since theres enough interest.

first off this deck is abll about locking your opponent out with kycoo and jowgen while grinding away their cards with spellbook of fate.
spellbook of judgment is the card that give you everything you need to do this.

Ill be going over the core needs for the deck and snazzy techs.

The main deck


Jowgen the spiritualist
Hes just a power house this format with his no-SS Cont. effect + destroy all SS'd monsters discard effect and works too well with spellbook judgment day.
Run 1

Kycoo the ghost destroyer
Another power house this format his cont. effect wins the spellbook mirror match and stops dragons in their tracks, also a very decent beater.
Run 3

Spellbook magician of prophecy
This little guy and his book are the core of this deck they would be nothing with out them, He is our stratos of the deck.
run 3

High priestess of prophecy
Shes a very good monster with he banish 1 spellbook pop a card on the field effect + 2500 atk, shes fairly easy to summon but can be a dead draw, how many you play is mainly preference play around and see if you like her or not!
run 0-3 preference

justice of prophecy
This is another searcher which comes in handy when you open a spellbook like power or starhall and need your secrets, but its played to search for priestess if you are using her.
run 0-2 depending on build

Injection fairy lily
In a nutshell shes here for giant beats and game pushes, shes a huge preference card.
run 0-1 preference

Defender the magical knight
He works sooooo well with starhalls its not even funny, he can be your jowgen protector or your unkillable beater.
Run 0-1 preference

Effect veiler
Just a good hand trap, searchable from starhall, makes syncro plays.
Run 0-3 preference

Toon gemini elf
Used with toon table engine, makes plays but is gimmicky.
Run 0 or 1 depending on tech choice

Breaker the magical warrior
blows up back rows and is a beater thats it.
Run 0-2


Spellbook of secrets
One of the main cards of the deck that make it work, Its your stratos in a spell card.
Run 3

Spellbook of judgment
This card just gives redic pluses and can get out your jowgen or kycoo, One of the main cards of the deck.
Run 3

Spellbook starhall
This card will make your monsters huge on attack and will give you a search for a spellcaster when its destroyed if you have enough counters on it, a very good card in the mirror match.
Run 2-3

The grand spellbook tower
This puts your resources back into the deck for further use, and it lets you draw a card. When its destroyed you get a free special summon.
Run 2

Spellbook of the master
Lets you copy your normal spellbook spells in the grave, very good when you need to copy secrets or copy power to make a huge monster.
Run 2

Spellbook of power
+1000 atk to a spellcaster monster and you get to search for a spellbook spell when the monster destroys a monster by battle, it makes it easy to push for game or getting over a big monster.
Run 2

Spellbook of fate
Return a set s/t to hand, change the battle position of a monster, or banish a card on the field, This card can do anything and the best part is IT DOESNT TARGET.
Run 2-3

Spellbook of wisdom
A searchable protection from traps or spells, great for keeing monsters alive or pushing for game.
Run 1-2

Spellbook of life
A searchable monster reborn, nuff said.
Run 1

Spellbook of eternity
Gets back a banished resource, not much more to it.
Run 1

Upstart goblin
Draw 1 card, +1000 to your opponents LP. Counts towards judgment day, thins the deck out.
Run 3

Toon table of contents
This card is realllllyyyy gimmicky, you use it with toon gemini elf. Its TOO good when used with judgment day instant +2.
Run 0 or 3

Into the void
Another gimmick card, you pretty much play this with judgment day and hope to hit a secrets. Works with judgment only because you can resolve the discard your hand effect before resolving judgment days adding effect.
run 0 or 3

Book of moon
Very good card can reuse a spellbook magician or put a opponents monster down to be run over by a power'd monster.
Run 0-1

Staple spells
Monster reborn, mystical space typhoon, heavy storm, dark hole. Personally i dont see any need for them except for heavy in the side deck.
Run depending on preference


Solemn warning
Solid staple trap, negates a monster summon plain and simple.
Run 0-1

Solemn judgment
Straight up stops about anything very solid staple card.
run 0-1

This protects your jowgen which is crucial, also can keep you alive for a turn in the events of you losing hard.
run 3

Threatening roar
A alternative to waboku, can be used with waboku for extra protection.
run 0-3

keeps jowgen alive forever, but its kinda gimmicky and is easily run over or removed.
run 0-2 depending on preference

Extra deck

Im going to be quick with this, the only needs are a gachi.

The extra deck is going to be all preference and dependent on your build.

Side deck
The side deck is all dependent on the current meta and will change person to person, its alot of preference and personal tech choices.

Spellbook Guide. Bark10
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PostSubject: Re: Spellbook Guide.   Spellbook Guide. EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 6:06 pm

Why would you run traps with a spellbook deck? SPELLbook, makes sense?

Spellbook Guide. Rmqrnm
"Those with power fear me. Those who are powerless seek for me." - The One and Only
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PostSubject: Re: Spellbook Guide.   Spellbook Guide. EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 6:33 pm

Xero wrote:
Why would you run traps with a spellbook deck? SPELLbook, makes sense?

i dont even.

Spellbook Guide. Bark10
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Vector Shingetsu

Vector Shingetsu

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PostSubject: Re: Spellbook Guide.   Spellbook Guide. EmptyMon Jul 22, 2013 10:13 pm

lol at xeros comment

priestess = she

Just being a troll


ZeXal opening 5 FULL

Shows the epic 3 on 3 duel
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PostSubject: Re: Spellbook Guide.   Spellbook Guide. Empty

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Spellbook Guide.
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