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 Official TGRA Tournament Handbook

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PostSubject: Official TGRA Tournament Handbook   Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:15 pm

The Tournaments

TGRA is an Academy that focuses on Events and Tournaments. Each official TGRA Tournament will either be a normal single elimination , double-elimination, round robin, or Swiss tournament, but sometimes the tournament will be a fun tournament to keep all of you entertained and enjoying TGRA. In this post, I will explain to you our tournaments and their rules.

National Tournaments is our biggest tourney of the year. It is only once a year and it is worth it. The prizes vary; however, they are huge!

• YCS Tournaments are our second biggest tournament of the year. This happens every month and it has very nice prizes as well.

This is our smallest tournament; however, this happens every week. This means our local tournaments happen the most. The prizes may be small, but it is better than nothing!

The Handbook


• Min. 32
• It will begin once a year (August). Sign-ups will begin one month before hand at 5:00 PM (EST). Tourney will begin once sign-ups end. (Time may vary)
• You will have 4 weeks(or less) to finish this tournament.
• Reward (Always unless affected by an event) will be 300 Cash.

• Min. 32
• It will be at the last week of each month. You will have a weak before hand to sign-up.
• Sign-ups always begin a week before hand at 5:00 pm (EST). Always ends at the last day of the week.
• You will have Mon.-Sun. to finish the tourney.
• Reward (Always, unless affected by an event) 200 Cash.

Local Tournaments
• Min. 8
• It will begin every Fridays, 6:00 pm. (EST) Sign-ups will begin 1 hour before.
• You will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to finish it.
• Reward will be 50 Cash for 8 Participants.
• Reward can be 100 Cash for 16+ Participants

Enjoy our Events at TGRA and remember, have fun!

 TGRA Staff

"Do the thing we fear, and death of fear is certain."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Official TGRA Tournament Handbook
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