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 TGRA's Grand Reopening & Events

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TGRA's Grand Reopening & Events Empty
PostSubject: TGRA's Grand Reopening & Events   TGRA's Grand Reopening & Events EmptyWed Jun 19, 2013 5:29 am

TGRA's Completion
TGRA's Grand Reopening!

    That's right folks, TGRA is finished and better than ever! It was a tough come back but we did it. There are a few things that needs to be cleared. 
• Testing
• Cash
• Recruiting

Most of you have probably noticed that all the students are now untested. Why? Several reason. Firstly, TGRA is now working under a new Testing Rubric (See the menu). Secondly, the current TGRA members (The ones affected by this) have been in here for over a year and their skills have probably improved greatly. Thirdly, we added a new dorm, the Recipro Dragonfly dorm, as well as changed the location of certain dorms. Finally, this gives everyone a fresh start in the new age of Tech Genus Rebirth Academy.

Now some of you might not have noticed some of the members wallets shrunk. Well that was also apart of the restart. Any old post you received cash for (Only old vet members) has been deleted; thus, so has the cash you received for them. But any post you were in the new age for is still a ok! 

TGRA's Grand Reopening & Events VTiS9No
Since we restarted, we will need to recruit. For our first tournament, we will host a regular DN tournament. During the tournament, we will steal the participants and get them to join TGRA. Think of this tournament as a way to prepare yourself for the DNYCS? Anyways, this Recruiting Tournament, if successful, will probably get members to join. While that is happening, we can also recruit regularly. That is why, for the entire summer, we will have a Recruiting event! The recruiting event will happen like this:

• Every member that joins, the recruiter will get 100 Cash. 
• At the end of each week, the one with the highest recruits will get and extra 200 Cash.

• At the end of the summer, whoever has the most recruits total will obtain 500 Cash, a Signature, and their own Userbar. 

The Event will begin today, June 19, 2013. Hopefully we can get many members from this!

Also, you may begin posting and increasing our post counts! (Do not spam)

Get out there, and start recruiting! Have fun TGRA and enjoy.

TGRA's Completion & Recruitment!

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TGRA's Grand Reopening & Events
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